Safety from Corona Virus COVID-19

Wash Hand Frequently

Whenever it will be possible wash hand with soap especially when we touch some foriegn objects.

Wear Mask

Whenever we go outside then it must be compulsary to wear mask for safety purpose.

Always Keep Tissue Papers

Pocket must be filled with tissue papers and whenever required to touch some outside object then use tissue paper and dispose off immediately.

Disinfect Surroundings

Where we live then get a chance always to disinfect our surroundings so to keep enviornment neat and clean.

Use Sanitizer

Whenever our hands come into contact of some foreign object then immediately use hand sanitizer to disinfect hands.

Use Tissue Papers

Whenever we touch door handles, car handles or some foreign object then use tissue paper to use them.

Cover Sneezing

Always cover face while sneezing so to protect others to get infected and if possible then cover face with under arms.